The power of water

Being accessible is essential for a metropolitan port. But how to do it? What conditions do you create? How to deal with the limitations and challenges that come your way? By linking the power of the local to the scale of the regional and global, opportunities can be better seized; whether it concerns transport, storage and throughput, traffic, absorbing and facilitating urban dynamics or attracting and establishing specific industries at the strategic crossroads of sales and capital markets.

Faster emergency response with a joint fire Service

With Raymond Pikee
and Patricia Haks

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Efficient transport

Annually by inland shipping
between eight terminals



Safety of employees in the port

Port of Amsterdam considers it important all employees can execute their work safely. This certainly applies to employees in the port because they are more at risk due to the type of work they perform.

Insight into berth occupation on RiverGuide

The current occupation of the berths in the Amsterdam ports was added to the RiverGuide in December 2019 …

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Faster freight transport

China plays an increasingly important role in the global economy

3 weekly freight trains
between Amsterdam and Wuhan in 2020.

Contributing to business continuity in the port and increasing safety

The Amsterdam Joint Fire Service cooperative was founded in 2019, and construction of an industrial fire station is started …

Throughput, land issue and cruise

Throughput growth was recorded in the entire North Sea Canal area in 2019, except in Zaanstad. There is a growth in coal …

Quality boost by bundling container transport

Port of Amsterdam plays an important role in the handling of container transport within the Netherlands and Europe. Where cargo ports like Rotterdam serve as the starting or end point for intercontinental sea container transport, terminals along the Rotterdam–Utrecht–Amsterdam corridor are responsible for further distribution inland…

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Faster freight transport thanks to new rail link

In 2019, a deal was reached to set up a direct rail link between the port of Amsterdam and Wuhan in China. This is a joint initiative of Port of Amsterdam…

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Our focus

‘Port of Amsterdam wants to become the circular hotspot of Europe’

Koen Overtoom CEO Port of Amsterdam Watch video

Koen Overtoom CEO
Port of Amsterdam

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